Mar 18, 2020
A verified listing of ours is supposed to link to this page: Top Rated Orthopedic Surgeons in Bloomfield NJ - Premier Orthopedics
The URL (with UTM parameters) we added shows up in the Info tab of the dashboard, but when you view the listing on Maps, it still links to the home page using the old URL ( This is also what Bright Local is showing. I only noticed it because Bright Local said the city name and state code did not show up in the listing's landing page's title (it does). What could be the potential cause for this inconsistency and how do we get it to show up in Maps as it has been edited in GMB? The edit went through a while back, the URL works fine, and I assiduously double-checked that it was the correct listing in Maps (not that I needed to as I used the direct link from the Dashboard to view it in Maps).

Yan Gilbert

Local Search Expert
LocalU Faculty
Oct 15, 2016
I would try changing the url to see if it gets saved properly, and then changing it back to what you want if it seems to work. But otherwise, like Colan said, Google support would be the only way to fix it if it is a glitch.

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