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Sep 20, 2019
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Hey Team,

Has anybody ever seen the below before? The user suggested hours in screenshot 1 I'm seeing are actually different than the ones that I typically see and reject within the GBP account. Normally user suggested edits over-ride data and we get a call out in the GBP dashboard. That is not what is happening here. Usually, a user suggested edit will override the hours that we have in GBP and what is live on the listing but you’ll notice, in my screenshots below, that the actual hours are still live on the listing with the suggested hours below them and this is only appearing in search, not maps.

Check out search screenshot vs. map screenshot.

With this type of edit, I am not notified via the GBP account that an edit was suggested therefore my manual rejection process would not capture these (screenshot of the GBP account below). I do not get notified at all of this type of user suggested edit.

It also seems these can only be cleared by the individual user and there is no way to know how many users have to deny this update in order for it to be removed across the board. To deny this edit in a browser, you have to click on the orange suggestion and click “No” (screenshot below).

Anybody ever seen this before, is this new and we're going to have to learn to deal with it? It's a nightmare for multi-location brands.




It's not new but I believe Google only puts it in the dashboard after the edits are approved and live. They don't show pending edits unless you use the dashboard in search (also called NMX)

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