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Oct 1, 2012
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Good morning,

I'm left scratching my head a little with this one. In a nutshell I usually create an inner page for my client e.g to avoid blending the results and loosing the organic listing.

A client has requested I use their contact page as the designated inner page. Initially I cant see a problem with it as I can jazz up the contact page, change the title, H1 ect.... as per my usual strategy.

The only concern I have is I've never seen a Plus Local listing with or

My gut feeling is to create a completely separate inner page and keep the contact page as it is.

Please note they don't have multiple business locations, just the one. Thoughts on a postcard please ;)
HaHa Mornin' Gio. I'm getting ready for bed! :)

Interesting strategy for keeping an organic listing. I've flipped it the other way before. Ranked the internal page organically and linked home to G+L.

I don't think you normally see anyone link to contact us just because that page is normally pretty barren of content. But I don't see why you could not link to contact us page as long as it was beefed up with relevent content. But a page named /citykeyword.html would likely rank higher. But then again I always have felt like Google probably looks at the contact us page is the most important location page on local sites, so maybe it would be fine.
Hey Linda,

Thanks for replying so late, yeah I would be looking to beef up the contact page. i will let you know what happens....

Sleep well! lunch time this side of the globe.

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