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Dec 24, 2015
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I am cleaning up our US business addresses and defining the one we want to have as our NAP. After doing this Google in many instances wants to change our standard address and show (on the front end) something slightly different - mostly with highways (Google says CA-111 versus Highway 111 or even California 111 on most of the rest of the web: Bing, FB, etc.)

I am wondering which one to pick as our standard NAP for that listing?? Go with what Google is showing or the rest of the web?
I would verify the address with US Postal Service. If you think your address is correct, contact Google support to see if you can get them to confirm the problem.

If you're trying to understand if Google can normalize different ways of phrasing the same street name, I would always use Google MapMaker to find out. Don't go by what the post office has as it's quite often different (mailing addresses and physical addresses are not the same).

See my advice on this post on how to tell:

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