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Apr 9, 2017
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Hey guys,

Hope you're doing well. I'm about to run a new local seo campaign for a italian restaurant. It has not opened yet. My client decided to keep the phone number of the previous restaurant that was also a italian restaurant (but a different business name). Do you think it can create issues for the local SEO campaign ? Should I advise my client to have a different phone number?

Many thanks by advance for your help
I’d recommend using a new telephone number to avoid any confusion between the old business and the new one. Google will be more inclined to bring in the old reviews for the new business if the address and telephone number match the old business.
Thanks you for reply Keyser. I saw that the previous listing is still live with over 45 reviews. Would you recommend me to delete it as well ?
You won’t be able to delete it, but you can mark is as permanently closed.
Hi Jerem,

Whether you choose to go with the old restaurant's phone number, or with a new phone number, I would strongly recommend you do a thorough clean-up of listings for the old restaurant. Based on my understanding, both restaurants are at the same location, and both are Italian restaurants, so having existing listings (even with a different business name and a different phone number) might cause some problems down the road.

If the business is in France, you would want to check, at a minimum:


I hope this helps!

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