Feb 7, 2013
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Are you a manager? If so you can download the location by selecting it from the list here: Update your browser to use Google My Business - Google My Business Help, and then download locations under Actions. It will download with the address that it was verified at even though it is hidden in the dashboard.

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We just verified an SAB last week (law firm), and when downloading the location, all address fields are blank. It's live on Maps. We verified another one recently and we were able to see the address just fine when downloading. If I recall correctly, both were created from scratch. Can the method of verification used influence whether the address "sticks" in the system in the backend? (eg, if the postcard option was not used, would that prevent the address from lingering around somewhere?).

Also, open to suggestions on being able to quickly identify SAB's in an agency account of hundreds of listings. Bummer that service areas are not included in the spreadsheet when downloading locations :(


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Nov 19, 2015
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Hah al goodness man. BTW there is an issue with SAB's atm. I have seen on many a reinstatement where the address is completely blank on a , , And also issues where changing the address and clearing it reverts back to the old address. A huge issue! But GMB is now aware of it. So maybe that is what you are running into? Only an API lookup would be able to tell.

If you want me to look at an empty address listing PM me.

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