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Aug 26, 2019
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We own a few restaurants that share the same address, but have different names. One particular restaurant, Ivar's Mukilteo Landing, is constantly not being listed under Google KP or Maps. We area a long, established business and within last 6 months, this has been an issue. The other restaurant at same address is receiving calls for Ivar's Mukilteo Landing. Full transparency, during COVID-19, we've had to close temporarily so listed as "Ivar's Mukilteo Landing (Temporarily Closed)." Recently, since open, listed as "Ivar's Mukilteo Landing (Now Open)." Would any of that "name change" affect listing? Before we started adding the caveats (listed as only Ivar's Mukilteo Landing) we would run into the same issues. Any thoughts?

This is the listing through Google MyBusiness, but you can't "search" to get to it, instead Ivar's Fish Bar pops up. Ivar's Mukilteo Landing (NOW OPEN) - Google Search

Thank you for your insight.
The fish bar has tons of reviews and so I assume it has been open for much longer than the Landing listing. My guess is that since they both have Ivar's in the name that the algo is just allocating so much weight that it is overshadowing the other.
Personally, I'd get rid of the (Now Open) as being part of the business name.

But going further, I don't know if the same applies to you, but I had a business call me (who turned into a client) having a similar problem. Searches on his exact business name would show a competitor as the only GMB listing in the local search results.

We did some research - including basic stuff - there were onsite issues as far as SEO and site speed. Might as well make sure that is done correctly.

His business had also moved recently, so what few citations there were, did not match up to his actual business.

His business did have a decent number of reviews compared to his competition on GMB so that was not an issue. He also was posting on his GMB fairly frequently, so that was not an issue.

A citation cleanup along with new citations and a couple of backlinks did the job, along with onsite SEO optimization.

But, there is still much to do as I am sure his competition will be noticing that he is now #1 for a variety of other related search terms both in local and organic, so there will be continuing efforts to keep everything strong.
Thanks for your insights. Both Ivar's Mukilteo Landing (full service) and Ivar's Fish Bar are established businesses having been in business since the 90s. The full service unit closed for 3-months due to COVID. At various points in time, Google merged the two because they use the same address. Once split back into the two separate businesses they are, is when we started noticing the listing issues. We're going to do our best to populate the GMB profile as much as we can and may enlist MOZ Local so the aggregators have our correct information in all listings. Ultimately, we hope to create a unit or suite number for each unit so address is distinctive. However, none of that helps our listing now, unfortunately, as our fish bar is getting all calls meant for the full service unit (sign).

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