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Aug 7, 2023
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We have a bunch of clients that are all housed under a main GMail address we made. It's been like this for years.

But the actual Gmail address isn't anything. It's just an e-mail address we used to house all our client accounts, which are all verified.

But there has always been something on there about verifying via postcard. However, there is literally nothing TO verify since it is just an e-mail address. I have reached out to Google numerous times and they literally have no idea what to do. They keep saying to verify, but I keep saying it's just a holding account, and the script loop just keeps going on.

Anyway. now we are having issues with one of the inner listings, and they are telling us we need to verify before they'll do anything. But again, it's just an e-mail address.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?
I wasn't clear - are you talking about getting into the Google account, or are you trying to verify a business listing that is in that account?
I am trying to work with support on a verified business in a business group inside that e-mail address.

But the e-mail address is literally nothing, just a holding account for business groups with verified accounts.

However, Google won't help me with the accounts inside the business groups because the main holding e-mail is not verified.
I've never run into this issue before, but I would suggest using the agency dashboard if you run an agency as you shouldn't run into these issues when it uses your company's emails as the users.

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