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Dec 6, 2015
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Hi! I'm a one person "agency". I do web design, SEO, social media marketing and whatever else a customer might need. I like to work with small businesses that need the help.
My problem is I often have clients that don't receive mail at their business. Especially since I live in Puerto Rico. I'm currently in the states and I'm trying to help a family member set up their website and GMB. Unfortunatley they don't receive mail at the business site, a restaurant. I used the form that Joy Hawkins suggested. I did get feedback but they only want to verify with a video conference at the business site. It could be be done, but I can't right now.

I have sent all the pictures, Facebook site, the website is verified with Google Webmaster Tools, they have a Google Analytics account. It just seems to me they don't want to work with a third party. Is anyone else having this same problem and how are you dealing with it?
you need a dedicated proxy or vpn and a local area code phone number for your business
What industries are you working with? Can you tell us a little more about the business that's having trouble?

If they're requesting a video conference it's usually because they need to confirm the business really exists and it's extremely hard to do this any other way. If that's the option they are giving you I'm afraid there isn't a way around it to get the listing active if they can't verify it by postcard.
Yes, after everything I submitted they refused to Verify the business. It is a restaurant, it has a Google 360 streetview, Facebook page, Website, Google Webmaster verification, Google Analytics account. I'll have to see if I can set up the Video call, but that seems like a lot to do for every business that doesn't receive mail at their local.
Probably some signal triggered their suspicion. Could be your Puerto Rico IP logging in and trying to manage the listing. Its hard to tell. Are you also involved with activities violating their TOS? If yes, your IP and or gmail could also be flagged in the system. Lost of possibilities. There are ways around these issues though but obviously thats not what this forum specializes in so I can't really go into it here.

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