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Jun 28, 2012
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I still see questions and confusion about exactly HOW to hide your address come up on various help forums I frequent. I thought I'd find a video that shows exactly how to do it, since the Google help docs don't really spell it out very well.

And I'm amazed how many SMBs and even consultants still don't know that many types of businesses MUST hide the address on their Google+ Local listing and that the listing is in danger of being edited, suspended or even deleted for not complying.

So below is a simple, short video that shows you exactly how to get Google to hide the address on your Google Local listing. And below the video are some resources that explain more about WHY you need to hide your address.

Google My Business Tips: How To Hide Your Address on Maps

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​

The video was done by Jan Kearney from My Local Business Online and she did a great job keeping it short and sweet!

I think it's really helpful for newbies to SEE it step-by-step so the video is great. But for those that just want the nitty gritty here it is...

In the service area settings in the address section:

SELECT: I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location
BE SURE THIS IS DESELECTED: I also serve customers at my business address

That will signal Google to hide your address.

Refresher - WHY hide your address?

It's a major violation to have address showing on your Google Local listing if you are a service area business that sees clients at their location (not your location) or especially if you have a home office. Your address should only be showing if you have a staffed office that is open to walk in traffic during the hours stated on your listing.

I think most here know all about this because I've talked about it for years, so I won't belabor the point. I'll just link you to an older detailed post and a new post about how businesses are still getting their listings deleted sometimes when they don't comply.

<a href="">Hide Your Address on Google Places Q & A</a>

<a href="">Hide your Address on Google Local - New Warning for Service Area Businesses</a>

Lots more information at our <a href="">Service Area Business Issues Forum.</a>

NOTE: I realize most here already know all this. This post is mainly so I have a place to send folks that are unaware of why they should hide address and how to do it - so I don't have to type a long explanation every time. :)

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Good stuff Jan and thanks for posting. I have a few clients in the service industry and totally missed this. Hopefully this will help them rank as I have covered everything else!
Hiding address and also the service area settings don't have an effect on ranking.

HOWEVER if you do settings wrong on a hidden address listing it can put your map marker out in the country where no one will see you. (Or even in middle of lake, I've posted lots of examples of that.)

So while doing it right won't BOOST ranking, doing it wrong can get you suspended or even sometimes deleted.
Thanks Linda. You crushed my dreams! Looking into your training. Is that in US dollars?
Oh no Jordan, sorry to crush your dreams. :eek:

Yes US dollars.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the clarification on this. it's good to know that it doesn't effect rankings if the address is hidden.

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