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Mar 29, 2022
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I'm genuinely not sure if this is a common issue, as I mostly hear talk about upload failures.

The problem I'm talking about here is common amongst our clients attempting video verification. What happens is that at the screen where you choose between live video call and video upload, the "next" button is just plain unresponsive. Tapping it does not move to the next step of the process no matter which option you select. Is this a known issue?

Basically, in numerous cases, it is entirely impossible to move past this screen (this is from a video taken by a client as proof, but we don't yet have permission so I cannot post a link):

My initial theory was that in Quebec you can only do this during office hours in France because French-langage support is based in Europe and at the time this was attempted it would have been 5:13pm in France. However, this appears contradicted by one coworker who reported that most confusingly it seems like verification attempted on Thursday between 2pm and 4pm had the least amount of problems...
I would suggest contacting support and stating you need a different way to verify.
In theory that's what we're doing, but we're having this problem several times a week with separate new profiles.

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