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Aug 1, 2012
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Good day! With the upcoming release of the new Google maps there have been a ton of questions and speculation. I hope this video will help answer some of those. I would love to do a Google hangout and share my screen if there are any questions that remain unanswered. Enjoy!


P.S. One thing that I did not mention in the video: After doing these searches on Google, my phone beeped with a little message saying that I was only 3 mins away from my favorite BBQ restaurant. Guess where I stopped for dinner! Awww Yeah!

And a quick question: With the removal of the 10 listings on the side, what do you think the importance of reviews are now?
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Awesome, Awesome Ryan. Thanks SO much for the walk-through.

That's exactly what I've been wanting to see or show folks once I get my invite. The things that specifically affect us in the local search world. So that was really helpful!

Thanks too for your offer to do a hangout. I may try to be there if you get a few to join, but I can't talk cuz have complete laryngitis.

I have some other important observations I was going to make about the new maps in a when I wake up a little more. You showed a couple of things but I want to highlight more about how this will radically change local search as we know it and how it could affect all our rank tracking tools. I may start a new post or may add to this one, not sure.

How did you get an invite so fast??? I didn't even sign up for one because Google told TCs they put us on a priority list. I think mine may come through today.

Again, this was just perfect and thank you for sharing! Off to Tweet and share this on G+.
And a quick question: With the removal of the 10 listings on the side, what do you think the importance of reviews are now?

I think just as important. I think the algo will still factor the same way.

But as far as conversions I think reviews will even be more important due to the red stars that will draw more attention to them. And those review stars will still show up on the info card right on maps,
on the G+ L page and in search results.
Honestly, not quite sure why I got the invite sooo fast. I tell you the excitement when you get the email is pretty high. Maybe not as high as the invite to the Top Contributor summit though. Not this year :(.

Hope you feel better and I will get a hangout scheduled soon!
Ya I'm not going to the Top Contributor Summit this year as much as I'd like to. Had to miss the last one too. Just can't travel any more with my bad back.
That's a great run through Ryan. I got my invite this morning but have been having trouble with a bug in Chrome and it wouldn't let me access the maps preview :mad:

Would be interested in your and Linda's thoughts, but have images and reviews just become a whole lot more important for click throughs?
Yep Nick I agree - believe they are both going to be much more important.

HEY Ryan and all - Due to all the questions and new discussions there will be now around Google Maps,
just created a brand new sub-forum and moved this post there.

See all Google Maps discussions here.
Optimize Prime,

I'm new to the forum but not new to Google Maps, Places, Local or whatever you want to call it. Have been doing it since 2007.

Very interested in your hangout and also thanks for that!
Like to talk to like minded people ;)

Count me in!
Hey Sean - Welcome to our world and thanks so much for joining!

Thanks Linda, but thank YOU! I LOVE what you made here and I hope all see what is being offered here for free. I will also try to help wherever I can. Been doing SEO for 14 years so think I can help with the organic part too ;)

Glad to be here!
Thanks Sean, glad you joined us and look forward to your participation!
Some important topics I will be doing a new post about in more detail are...

The map is not a static map. Your map will not look like my map.

And the map for "Dallas Dentist" I look at when trying to see how my client ranks could be totally different than what my client sees. And what that potential new patient sees doing a 1st time search could be different than his results or mine.

This new map is built at search time, based on not only traditional ranking factors (like popularity, proximity and # of reviews) but also personal preferences, past browsing history and who knows what else will be thrown into the mix.

So tracking results and talking ranking with clients is going to get very interesting.

The new Google Maps also learns from you, changes & grows with you!

So if your Dentist client clicks on 3 of his competitors quite often, to check out what they are doing - I think his competitors MAY appear more prominent to him than they really are (or would be to a patient, doing a 1st time search).

There are a lot of other things that are going to change our world with this new maps.

For example there is no link to the G+ Local page now. You can only get there if you click to see reviews. That's a double-edged sword and there is lots to discuss just with that one change. I've been discussing this part with Google alot today and kinda want to get my hands on the new maps and experiment before I share much of an opinion because like I said I can see pros and cons. Plus still so sick am not really thinking very straight. Will likely try to do a big post on Mon if I get my invite by then.
why do you guys think reviews and photos are going to be more important?

i'll admit the carrousel would make them more important, but I don't have that in any of my browsers and have never seen it till the walkthrough video.

But outside of that?
Focusing on the map portion and the 10 listings normally seen on the left side, these have been the driving force for clicks and traffic to businesses. Now that they have been removed, I can see the main driver of traffic becoming more review based. Especially since that's really the only thing left for a person to chose from. Other than the distance they want to travel of course.
OK guys, Google hangout scheduled for 11:30AM MST. That's mountain time. I will not have a video feed available for my ugly mug but I will share my screen and would love to take any suggestions or directions for those who don't have access to the new Google maps. You can access the hangout here or visit my G+ profile in my signature. Please message me if there is any issue joining and I will send you a calendar invite.

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Sorry, I missed the hangout. I don't think I'm getting email notifications for new posts.

But I see what you're saying. On the map, people will hover over the icons and pick the one with the most/best reviews. Right?

I don't know how it works on mobile, but I think most people just use web search.
Ryan- awesome video! Just had a few moments to catch up on the new rollout.

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