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Dec 5, 2019
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We have a bogus listing up and we are trying to figure out how to get rid of it as it is taking away from our original true listing in Chicago. What do we need to do? Can anyone help with how to get rid of this thing? Ugh The second one is bogus and should be removed because it has our address on it, and we are a SAB. How do we get rid of that thing please?

Have you tried just making a suggestion? It appears to be unverified and getting rid of those is usually like shooting fish in a barrel.

Because one has an address showing and one doesn’t it will unlikely be removed via the Suggest an edit.

You should reach out to support (and when that fails) report via the forum and ask that it be escalated.
How do I find the link to that? This stuff is mind-boggling for laymen. Lol

  1. To create a new post at the Google forum goto this page: Google Business Profile Community
  2. Scroll down the page
  3. Select the button that says: Not what you're looking for? Try asking the Help Community Ask now
  4. OR click this link:
    Ask now

Include your business name, your Google Maps business profile URLs and the issue and any case numbers

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