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Sep 18, 2012
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For the first time I have a website that has their title tags and their descriptions located pretty far into the coding of the website. Typically I see the Title tags and descriptions located right under the main navigation or under the header in the source code. I ran into a website that has title tags and descriptions located about midway through the website around line 90 - 100.

My thoughts are it wouldn't matter where the code is located high or low because the bots will search for the Title and Description code. Is that correct? The title does show up on the front end of the website correctly. So, does it matter where it is located in the code?
Interesting topic. I can't see how the the title tags being in the middle of the code would affect rankings. To me, the question is: what's in those first 90 lines of code? One wouldn't want a slow-loading page.
I think with such type of coding you will achieve the opposite result - drop in charts rather than getting better position.
@Phil - Yea it will most likely slow down the loading speed, and as we know the speed of page load is a ranking factor for organic search.
Good thought, Phil. It is a huge retail website and loading times are averaging under 2 seconds. I will keep an eye on their load time. It is using Magento which is known to be large and slower.

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