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Linda Buquet

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Jun 28, 2012
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With the huge Google Maps update that's underway and considering how much it is going to impact the world of Local Search as we know it, I decided to break out a new forum for discussion of pure Maps topics.

Welcome to the NEW Google Maps Forum.

Check the link above for the hot Google maps related topics I just moved into our new forum including a super cool video walkthrough that shows of the impact the new Maps will have on our world. Plus there will be many more map related posts to come.

There are also a couple of threads that will stay in the Google+ Local IMPORTANT section of the forum, because they are mixed threads about a variety of new updates - but they also heavily center around the maps update, so see these posts as well.



Thread closed. Announcement only.
Please start a new thread with any news, updates or questions about Google Maps.
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