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Feb 24, 2013
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So one of my clients went with Rogers Outrank service (think YellowPages 360) in Canada, without my knowledge. They are managing one listing, which I checked this morning to see what they were doing to "optimize" it.

For starters, brand new phone number, YAY! Mother F!! Oh and a new website, but with almost identical content as their current website. Double F!

Get's better, here is the description they added to the listing:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.08.45 AM.png

Thanks for letting me vent :)

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.08.45 AM.png
Wow....I'm going to send you some beer. Don't you love when that happens. Gotta love these thirds party vendors.
It always amazes me how little these BIG Corporations appear to know about Google+ Local and SEO when they start dabbling in it.
It always amazes me how little these BIG Corporations appear to know about Google+ Local and SEO when they start dabbling in it.

I think the big guys play a game called operate at scale and don't sweat the guidelines or minor details like keyword stuffing, duplicate content and tracking numbers.
Wow. At least your typical keyword-stuffed description is merciful, in that all the keywords are mashed together in one economical paragraph that you can just tune out and scroll past. This bad boy gets in your face.
"economical paragraph" Love it Phil! I'm guess that paragraph is costing 3 times as much as I was charging for my service :)
They even named the practitioner listing the same as the primary listing. F!

Chris McCreery
Do a mapmaker hack or try to edit business information? Idk man, that's a rough situation :confused: I hate when businesses get sold on crap like this. The sales reps always make it sound like they have the silver bullet for Local SEO.... BS!
Yeah, sometimes they just can't keep their hand off, can they? They find it all too tempting.. brag about themselves and clicking submit or get sucked into a rep's pitch.

Yellowbook360 is still ok but do what you can and warn them against messing with the listing (their paid ad). The content on the paid ad populates other directories like and many other affiliate directories real fast and you are then left with correcting the NAP or other info on each of those directories again - especially if the data they added was incorrect - and it invariably turns out to be bad.. because this is not their cup of tea.
Wow. That's just... awful. The real kicker will be when they jump to #1 and your client asks you to copy their "method".
We've also had some "experiences" with clients doing this. A pro-tip, make sure you search the web for a mirror website.... apparently that's part of their pitch. You pay for 3 months of SEO with Rogers Outrank and get a NEW website free (you keep it when you cancel).

So they mess up the G+ and make a mirror website, which is a big duplicate content issue... :confused:

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