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Aug 9, 2012
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We had been using Google Places to promote our clients, now that all this is changing we are confused about what steps need to be taken to proceed. Do we need to sign each of them up with a personal+, then make a business page, then do the merge with the places that already exist? We have seen that the videos we posted for their places pages no longer show though they do say they are uploaded on the Places dashboard. On the places dashboard there is no connection link that enables you to upgrade to +???? Thanks for your help here.
Hi Marc,

Yes videos are disabled on the old Place pages.

There is only 1 very specific type of scenario where you can upgrade/merge right now and I'm not sure it's advisable in many cases.

Here are all the details that explain: BREAKING! Google+ Business Merge with Google Place Pages Starts Now!!

NOTE: it does not work for service area businesses with address hidden or multi-location businesses yet AND the solution only partially works so it a little half baked. PLUS no real documentation on tons of questions I'm being asked. So in most cases I recommend waiting.

Here's a more detailed answer: BREAKING! Google+ Business Merge with Google Place Pages Starts Now! - Page 2

It's super confusing so let me know if you have more questions.
Hi Marc,

What you've outlined is basically correct, but the merge is done from within Google+, not Places (and is not available in all cases). So yes, personal profiles must be created, then business pages must be built out in Plus, then merged with Places. We've been able to go through the new verification / merge process from Plus because we had business pages already in place for our clients. Hope this helps!

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