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May 13, 2021
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I've now seen two of my competitors listing their views on their website by using this third party tool
I have not personally used this tool, and i am not affiliated with it in any way.
These are the two competitors i am talking about:


in both cases they embed the reviews via an iframe which loads them from the opio site.
If you are not familiar with canada, I should tell you I don't know a single canadian who has ever heard of opio, and the fact that my multiple of my competitors have 100s of reviews on this effectively nobody website is setting off all sorts spammy of alarm bells for me.

interested to hear what other people think about all of this.

N.B. i put the links in code blocks so people don't think i'm SEO spamming, i am honestly asking a real question and i am not affiliated with any of these websites.

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