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Is there a process posted somewhere you would suggest for #1?

Thanks in advance!

We actually just updated our spam fighting guide for 2019 :)

  1. Get 3-5 reviews per month?
  2. Update the Service Tab?
  3. Add zip codes to the Service Areas?
  4. Add 5 photos and/or videos a month. (Do you suggest they be geotagged?)
  5. Post weekly?

1. One-time optimisation of the GMB - Claiming, NAP+W, categories, description, services, filling in Q&A, etc

2. Use a Review / Reputation Management platform that obtains positive reviews on a variety of platforms. Google pulls reviews from other third-party and also first-party (your website) sites.

3. On-going monitoring and on-going use of the Posts feature. Analytics reports from Insights on a regular basis.

4. Adding original content - Photos, Videos, 360 Virtual Tours (we auto-post links to the virtual tours and videos if clients don't know how / want to know how to use Google Posts)

5. Use additional features of the GMB listing that are applicable to the industry - "Schedule an appointment", "Book Online", Local Inventory Ads, etc.
The biggest impact to local rankings is going to come from backlinks and onsite optimization changes.

Do you typically make onsite optimization changes on a monthly basis? That seems unusually frequent to me. If so, what kind of changes would those be?

If not, then would you argue that backlinks are the single most important thing to work on monthly, assuming your onsite optimization is on point?

Thanks for your time - I'd be very interested in your thoughts.
Our average client has at least 50-100 pages on their site so we generally never run out of things to do. Even if we got through every single page that would generally be when we started looking for new content ideas based on what was performing well for competitors. We also test stuff like crazy so when we find a strategy that works really well for one client, we apply it to others. Backlinks are always a great thing to invest time in provided they're not spammy 😁

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