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Aug 23, 2014
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Hey Guys!

I'm in the process of writing a Local SEO training manual and thought I'd poll you all to see which topics or specifics you think should be included. Is there a particular part of Local SEO that you find challenging or some outdated tactic that used to work that you wish you had a replacement for?

If you were going to read a book on Local SEO what items would you have to have included?

I'd love any ideas or feedback you have.
How about a replacement for the outdated tactic where you could add keywords to the business name and the listing would suddenly rank. Oh wait, that tactic still works better than ever. ;)
Yeah unfortunately it's far from outdated.
Hi Joy,

I'm interested in your ideas on whether or not adding keywords and other info into the exif data in .jpg images and video is useful for local seo these days.
Good idea! That one wasn't on my list so I'll add it.
No, the businesses name they use for their GMB listing.
If there was a section on NAP training, I would definitely be interested.

  • For companies who have changed addresses multiple times in 10 years.
  • Most efficient ways of fixing NAP.
  • Recommended tools used.
I think one area where local SEO is lacking compared to other avenues is a content marketing/promotion guide to build authority/links.
I am interested in the EXIF data and other METADATA of the images in the LOCAL SEO. Is it important to use this data in the images in the LOCAL SEO? :confused::confused::confused::)

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