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Nov 17, 2015
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I have a problem with a client that is about to drive me crazy.

It is a company from Croatia that rent out holiday apartments in a villa.

The problem here is that when we claimed their profile it did say "Villa" in the business name but I know the real name is actually "Vila" as it is spelled in Croatian.

Most of the citations out there is spelled "Villa" for e.g. at TripAdvisor but a few are still spelled "Vila". I want the client to rank for English keywords in other countries but for a specific city of course. Don't really care about the ranking in Croatia.

Is the best option here to go for the name Google used from the beginning and also change the business name on the website and the rest of the citations to "Villa" or does it even matter if there is just one extra letter for spelling in English?
MapMaker allows you to add multiple business names and specify the language they belong to. I would add the Croatian name there.
Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed. :)

There was also a lot of countries there that included a keyword. Is that something I can leave there in purpose of ranking higher or should I use only the the business name in all languages and countries you think?
You aren't allowed to add keywords in business titles on MapMaker. Only the name of the business.
Okey, awsome! Love this forum already after just 1 hour. Thank you Joy for all your help!

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