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Aug 8, 2012
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OK - I will admit it - my head sometimes spins with all the different local, merged google+ local & business, claimed but not verified etc.

I was wondering if there are any threads or screenshots in this forum that help identify each of the stages of google+ - claiming, verifying, merging, etc.

I'd be happy to take it on if it would be of help to the group - although i might need one of the experts to confirm that what i think it is is actually what it is.

For instance -
1) i have claimed and verified a client listing in Google Places Analytics dashboard.
2) Now is it considered "merging" if i create him a google+ account and then create a local page.
3) And would the next step be to verify this merged listing in Google + and that would give me...what? A Verified & Merged Google+ Local Business PAge?
4) Is it ok to complete all of these stages or is it best to stop at #1,2,3,or 4?

I hope i haven't just confused myself and anyone else even more - lol...

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