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Feb 1, 2018
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For example, when you go to restaurants they often have a "Leave Us A Review" Card and if you leave a review you will be entered to win a free dessert or entree at your next visit.

The majority of people need an incentive to consider leaving a review, no matter how easy it is most people won't do it.

What examples have you used with your clients to help improve your odds the "ethical" way?
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Also, in the US, be careful as the FTC can be involved too :( If you pay or offer incentive and don't disclose it on the advertisement (review), then you're in violation of FTC guidelines too. Incentives include everything from money, gifts, reward points, shoutouts and advertising.

Some creative ways we've seen a local company operate was that they give EVERYONE a $5 starbucks card. They then ask for a review, but it's not required to receive the $5 card. So when they're finished with a job (they're a roofing company), they give the invoice and a $5 starbucks and then ask for a review.

This is 100% legal, and most people feel guilted into leaving a review.

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