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Nov 28, 2018
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Hello everyone,

I'm sure a lot of you appreciate that tracking rankings for a set of keywords in multiple locations for a client can be a costly business.

I work with a few local businesses and I'm keen to offer them rank tracking in their home town/city AND a few of the larger towns and cities near to them.

Then I can work with them to improve their rankings for all these locations - which might involve a bit of spam fighting, content creation and so on.

Until now I've solely used the larger 'all-in-one' SEO tools for rank tracking - and to track an additional location for a 100-keyword set, effectively doubles the price. If I want to track for 5 or more locations, this gets out of hand quite quickly.

I'm trialing the Whitespark Local Rank Tracker which looks to be what I need, but would be interested to know if anyone recommends another tool for what I'm trying to achieve?

Many thanks,
Hello Nathan.

Chloe here from BrightLocal.

As part of our diagnostics platform, we have a tool that is built specifically to track data just as you described. Our local rank tracking tool allows you to monitor specific keywords across multiple search engines on a local, organic, and third party level.

With our most popular package SEO Pro, which comes in at $79 per month, you can track up to 100 keywords for 100 locations or clients. The tool itself uses the BrightLocal network to accurately emulate local search queries right down to a zip code level. The ranking report can have search results anchored on a town, city or zip code level. We also have a particularly powerful multi-location view which aggregates data from lots of different reports into one master report. If you’d be interested in seeing what we do take a look here:

Hope that helps.
Hi Nathan,

Darren from Whitespark here.

Yes, it can get costly when you start tracking in multiple locations. As you noted if you're tracking 100 keywords, and then want to track those same keywords in another location, it doubles the KW usage. Add a third location and it triples the usage. This is because from a resource cost perspective, each new location means another crawl for each keyword to gather the ranking data.

One thing we offer in our Local Rank Tracker is the ability to set global keywords that are searched in every location, and location specific keywords that are only searched in those locations. This will allow you to customize how you track. For example, you might track 100 keywords in their main location, and then just pick the top 10 most important keywords to track in the other 5 locations.

Based on what I'm seeing for pricing on their site, here's a pricing comparison that matches BrightLocal's weekly tracking frequency (we also offer daily tracking):

Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Whitespark$17/m (100 KWs)$35/m (250 KWs)$70/m (1000 KWs)
BrightLocal$29/m (25 KWs)$49/m (50 KWs)$79/m (100 KWs)

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much for this Darren, I've put some more data into Whitespark. It looks like your tool might do just what I need.
I always vote for Places Scout. I feel like a broken record though :)
@whitespark Darren,

I had tried Whitespark to find local citations by digging deep. But no success.

Can you help our team to share some help to find local citations?

We have one client who provides finance services in San Diego, El Paso, Milwaukee and other cities.

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