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Nov 8, 2019
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I'm trying to find out what are the best Page Builders & Themes out there for Wordpress, and I wanted to get information from people with experience!

I currently use Astra Pro & Elementor, but I'm noticing an excessive Dom size & other page speed issues. I love the layout and feel of Elementor but I'm willing to change.

Here is a list of some Themes & Plugins I have used in the past:
Fusion Builder
Avada Theme
X Theme
Astra Pro

I'm completely open & excited to get responses!

So far I would say Elementor is my favorite page builder & Astra is my favorite theme. Anyways I'm curious to get some opinions thanks!
I know that page builders and Guttenberg are popular but I personally dislike them.

My preference is for the original TinyMCE editor with the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. Allows me to easily and quickly switch back and forth between Visual and Text modes in one-click without any popup windows. I do quite a bit in Text mode.
For some sites we still go the old hand-code method, but that means the client is also going to be spending a fortune for the site.

Out of the past 40 or so designs in the past year, ALL of them have been in Elementor with Astra Pro. From 5 page websites, to large e-commerce sites (largest is generating about 70k pageviews per month - 10-12k sessions). Our primary goal is not only a nice looking site, one that functions great for SEO, but also that a client can manage and maintain. For that, Elementor beats pretty much everything out there.

A lot of the issues that we've seen from various places comes down to the web host, the speed of their servers and then image compression/display (WebP is your friend). Throw Cloudflare on the top and websites that may have been struggling can see a little better speeds there too. Add some lazyload for good measure too.

We have worked with all of the ones you listed, (also DIVI) and by far the one I dislike the most is Fusion Builder :)
"So far I would say Elementor is my favorite page builder & Astra is my favorite theme."

Agreed very fast website building and nice to look at Astra and Elementor whilst building the websites

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