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Mar 27, 2019
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My main requirements:
1. Connecting to a few Google accounts at once (not just different GBPs on the same Google account).
2. Scheduling posts with a photo/video in it, and a CTA button.
3. Scheduling photo upload to GBP gallery.

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Well, I can recommend my "Post to Google My Business" WordPress plugin... but I'm sort of biased. :) The "Agency" version will let you connect multiple Google accounts to it. But it does not have an option to upload images to the GBP gallery though.
Local Viking/Local Brand Manager I have been using for about a year, and while they have their share of bugs that pop up, they are pretty solid about correcting things and implementing suggestions in my experience.

They maintain a public-facing roadmap:

You can schedule posts, and in particular, my favourite is to be able to schedule recurring posts using spintax in the content and the ability to apply an EXIF template to the photo included in the post with the dynamic date included to avoid duplicate posts.

You can create a gallery of 35 photos for example and then schedule it from March 1st through March 31st and it will schedule a post every day with 4 days having 2 photos. You can also schedule that gallery to more than 1 location concurrently (handy for a multi-location brand).

I have 4 Google accounts attached to my account but they offer unlimited accounts in all their tiers (I can't imagine a scenario where you would need more than 1 account per location).

You can't currently include video in the posts from the platform, but you can include photos and select your CTA option.

They also have decent reports you can schedule, keyword tracking and geogrids included.
The co-ordinates just get dumped into the EXIF data based on the location of the GBP, most people agree that's not a metric moving practice . . . but the dynamic date data that gets updated with the current date on recurring posts makes the overall image not a duplicate (assuming Google doesn't just look at the image itself). I rotate 13 weeks of posts so each photo gets used 4x each year and I have never had a post rejected (I only have 4 customers that have been going most of the last year using that approach).
You can't currently include video in the posts from the platform, but you can include photos and select your CTA option.

The Google Business Profile API doesn't support creating video posts (nor does it allow creating posts with more than one image unfortunately). So I don't think any services are offering a video post feature. It used to be possible back in the day but at some point they stopped supporting it
I found a tool called Postamatic, which is a simple Google sheets tool that allows you to post to multiple GBP accounts. It can also post Google Q & As as well as Reviews. It's a little buggy, but seems to work most of the time.

I have been looking around to see if there is a way to schedule Q&As digging into this now.
We use Localo. It is a comprehensive tool for managing profiles, checking the visibility grid, monitoring visibility, audits including AI, tracking competition, and includes a post planner with photos and CTA selection.
It also has a photo planner, i.e. you upload e.g. 30 photos and Localo will automatically publish them to you from time to time and determine their thematic relevance to your profile.
May I recommend RecurPost here? We support publishing on multiple gbps from across multiple Google accounts. You can publish photo posts as wel as Video posts. I don’t think there are many tools that support videos.
Do you support spintax and custom snippets for the post text?
We don't support spintax. By custom snippets do you mean the ability to use a custom variable in your post and the value of that variable changes based on the location it is posting on. If that then yes we have this feature and we call it custom fields. It is included in every plan. Thank you.

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