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Jul 26, 2012
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we have a new client who had a similar issue to previous client. They have a partially filled out and claimed places listing but have no clue on the login info.

Is it best to go in and create a new one and then merge the 2?


Hi Chris.

1st push them really hard. Let them know you can reclaim but it could cause all kinds of problems down the road. Don't just cave and reclaim - push them and save yourself potential grief. I've even told clients, if you can't find log in and I have to reclaim I'm happy to, but if bugs and problems hit as a result, I'll have to charge you extra to fix the problems.

That usually helps them remember/find the log in! :p

But if they can't then NO, don't create new. Reclaim the existing listing. Again it can cause a variety of problems down the road but it's the only way to go if they can't give you log in.
Just a thought Chris. Map Maker has recently been pulling in e-mails into their database from places. Give that a quick check and see if the e-mail that it's pulled in is the one the listing was in. Long shot, but worth a look.
Colan you are a GEM!!! That's SUCH a great idea.

I noticed bots are sucking in and showing emails lately but didn't think of it as a solution for a case like this. BRILLIANT! (Or at least one more rock to try to turn over!)
Awww, thanks Linda.

I've had a couple clients where the e-mail displaying on their Map Maker listing was different than what we have in our account. So it's definitely a tactic for discovering a hidden merged duplicate. Hopefully it can help solve Chris's somewhat related issue.
Yep I've been wondering where they get those emails too.

They added my Gmail email to my MM listing. I don't publish that anywhere. But it's the email used to set up the account. Kinda of a privacy violation if you ask me. If I wanted everyone to know that email I'd publish it myself BUT I don't want that one getting spammed because that's the email all the important email from Jade and other Googlers comes to me on every day. I get so many emails already it's hard to keep up.
If spam bots get it, I'm toast!
Thanks Linda and Colan, I did try the MM trick but no email for them. We are going to press them to get this, I'm hoping its the same one that they used for analytics, that is if they can find that one too :)
After Lindas experience I would move all Places entries from sensitive email accounts to new emails, Keenan says Places @ if available or some free email.

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