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Jan 6, 2024
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I need some advice. I have a client that has a Google Business Profile with 210 reviews, but only has a 4.1 star rating. Most are 5-star but there are 40 that are 1-star reviews. Most of the 1 star are from a couple years back and up to 5yrs back, and they're not the best posts. They're a very different company today, in a good way. The owner is open to rebranding, collecting new reviews and starting over with a new company.

I calculated that they would need another 320 5-star reviews to get to a 4.65 (4.7) star rating.

I'm torn on what to do, my gut tells me start fresh. Does he just push through it, Any recommendations?
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Consumers discount reviews that are older than three months. As long as the business has addressed the reasons for the bad reviews, things should be good. You can't start over from scratch.
4.1 out of 200+ reviews is pretty good too. People are smart enough to be well aware that maintaining a five-star is basically impossible on Google past a certain amount of reviews.

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