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Nov 23, 2015
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This maybe a basic question but I've searched the web and this forum and can't find info on this. I'm going through training module 5 and there's a section on description setup. My question is, where is this description being displayed these days? I don't see it in maps results. Restaurants get an editorial snippet but I take it that's different. I need to know where to see these when I'm looking for issues on a listing before I have dashboard access or to look at competitors. Did I miss something in the training?
Never mind, there was something in training that made me thing descriptions could be seen in local results. I see I was confused. You can delete this thread, it looks like users aren't permitted to delete posts.
No Daniel, that's a recent change that's not in training.

There used to be a link right to the G+ L page in search. Google removed it so you can't easily get to the G+ L page at all now. At least consumers can't. Consultants can if they know how.

BUT Google is doing a major upgrade now where the whole G+ Local page is different. No description, categories, reviews. Just NAP. Once we have the new pages the description will no longer show up anywhere.

But for now if you are using G+ classic instead of trying the new preview, then you can get to the page to see description.

There are a BUNCH of recent posts in Google Local IMPORTANT about all of these recent changes that just happened. There is one on top about this new G+ page and the changes to local. Then further down how to find the G+ L page now that Google is hiding it.

Sorry but I'm really sick and can't type more.
Thanks Linda,
Yeah I knew about the minimalist changes on G+ pages as well as the removal of the link to the page from maps. Just somehow I didn't notice that description wasn't part of maps results.

I've had work-arounds for finding G+ pages from the start of this but if they start hiding descriptions, that's going to suck. I'll keep up on the "important" forum to see how to cope with it when classic is phased out. Guess I joined at the right time!

Thanks again.

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