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Sep 25, 2017
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Now I am studying local listings very closely I have picked up on a few things.

If I search for the term "french teacher" or "french tutor" while I am in Exeter UK I get a few local listings at the top as you would expect, however, if I add the locaiton "french tutor exeter" while in exeter I dont see the local results. Also if I search for "french tutor exeter" while I am not in exeter it does not show the results.

Is there any logic that we can understand about what and where might make the local pack trigger?
There's usually a pretty huge difference between 'search' and 'search + city'. The biggest noticeable difference, is 'search' is usually far more location dependent, and shows results very near to the user's actual location. 'search + city' on the other hand, tends to show results in a broader city-wide area.

As far as why you're seeing a 3-pack in one and not the other... I don't know that there's going to be a satisfying reason, the SERPs are a little strange sometimes. It's enough to note down so you can make reasonable predictions about what you can achieve for the client, and maybe hope that it'll adjust at some point in the future to show a 3-pack for both.

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