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Jun 28, 2012
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Just saw a Tweet from Darren Shaw from a couple days ago.

Seems his long awaited local rank tracker is now available. Knowing Darren, it's feature-rich.


<a href="">Whitespark Rank Tracker. Rank tracking done right.</a>

Everything Local

Track pack, places, and organic rankings. Know whether your queries returned local results in each city, how big the local pack was, and whether the pack was blended or pure.

Accurate to the City

Other rank trackers claim to report local rankings, but they search from a national level so the results are inaccurate. We geolocate all searches to the city, so the rankings we report are the same as what someone physically sitting in that city would see. This also means you can track rankings for keywords without the city modifier. For example "lawyers" instead of "chicago lawyers".

More info and demo here.

Looks good! What do you think?

Hey everyone, I'll monitor this thread and respond to any questions you rad local SEOers have about the tool.

It looks really slick........but I was hoping to see a free trial to get the feel for it.
I guess you could do a small plan for a month (pretty cheap) and then if you like it select a larger package.
Hi Marie,

Yeah, that's exactly what we're thinking with that $5/month plan. It's a super low commitment to let you kick the tires before deciding if you want to invest in a larger package. It's fairly expensive for us to run this tool, so a free trial would burn through our resources fast.

We also developed a demo account so people could click around and see the functionality:

Any questions, just let me know. :)

Definitely do take it for an essentially free spin. Darren let me and others beta-test the Rank Tracker for a few months, and it?s really come together nicely.
Darren, could you explain a little more on how to interpret the rank tracker? I'm assuming Green is improvement, red is a decline, but on your demo when I hover over a specific date and it says something like 1:4; does that mean 4 keywords ranked in position #1?

I just want to make sure I understand how to interpret the graphs correctly. Overall, it looks really cool and quite possibly something I'll be using in the near future.
That chart shows you the number of keywords ranking in the top ten results. Green represents the number of keywords in the #1 position, and it scales down through the chart to the number of keywords in the #10 position, shown in red.

When you hover over any point in the chart, it shows you the number of keywords ranking in that position on that day. See this example:


On February 8th, this business had 4 keywords ranking #1 in Google places, 2 keywords in the #2 position, etc.

It's great to set a date range on that chart so you can see increases and decreases in overall campaign health over time.

You know what would also be awesome to do with that data? Turn it into piecharts. It would be very intuitive: maybe your piechart one week has 28% of your keywords "in the green," and your piechart from a month later shows 50% of your KWs in the green.

Darren I just tested out the rank checker with one of my clients, and I got to tell you how impressed I am with this. Very simple to use, and accurate. I checked the results manually and what I found matched up perfectly with the rank checker.

Great work on this! Is there API integration or is it stand-alone for now?
Hey Eric,

Glad to hear you're liking it! There is definitely an API planned. Probably not going to be released for a few months though.
Hey Guys (specifically Darren),

I'm digging this thread up to see if there's an answer on API integration for the Rank Checker. I know the citation tool has API integration, but I didn't see anything on the site for local rankings (maybe I missed it?). Let me know if that's been developed yet by you guys. I'd appreciate it :)
Hi Eric. Thanks for following up. We're so close! Should have the API ready in a couple of weeks.

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