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Jun 28, 2012
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Was just doing research and came across something odd.

Searched for San Francisco Dentist and at 1st I thought that phrase was not pulling local results because there was no map on top right like there is whenever the pack shows. I scrolled down to investigate and saw the following.

Doing 2 separate images because the map is so low down won't fit in 1st screenshot.


Moving the map down, sure moves those Adwords up, eh? :eek:

Hope this is just a glitch, because you really have to scroll down to see the local results and the map on top used to help grab attention for the local listings!

FYI I've tested in FF and Chrome and see same thing in both.

Is anyone else seeing this?


Very interesting Linda.

I checked Toronto Dentist and I still see the map at the top right of the SERP.
I see the same thing for that specific search but can't replicate when I change the city or keyword.
Sorry, should have clarified. I'm not seeing it for any other searches either. I've been searching around a ton today doing research on some other things I'll be sharing maybe tomorrow.

That's the only result I found like that. So that's why title was a question. Test or Glitch?

If I was seeing it on all searches I would be more inclined to think it's a test. So hopefully a glitch and not an indication that a change like that is coming.
Given that Paid ads are and always have been Google's bread and butter I would not be surprised if it was a test and they rolled it out to more markets. I sure hope not though.

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