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Jun 28, 2012
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I was helping someone at the Google Business forum and discovered something that I think is brand new or may just being tested. I can't replicate for other listings, but this IS a local result with at least part of the info being pulled from the GMB dashboard.

I clicked "Feedback" at the bottom of the Knowledge Graph and instead of going to the new report a problem interface it gave me a bunch of edit options right there in search.

Edit and Correct Listings Right in the Knowledge Graph???

<img src="" alt="editinknowledgepanel2" width="65%" />​

Now we get folks all the time at the Google Business forum wanting to change the way the Knowledge Panel looks for their business - but in past it was all algo driven and no way to change. Just try to make sure you were putting your best foot forward on your listing.

The user I was helping at the G forum was trying to get the Business View tour for the business above to show in the Knowledge Panel and felt like maybe the Wikipedia info was interfering.

I told her: "Yes normally your Business View would/should show up there. However that knowledge graph feature is sort of in the netherlands of Google. It's not controlled by anyone here in the local department even though the info is pulled from your local page. And I don't think local support could help because the data and the BV on your actual local page is just fine.

I think the knowledge graph is controlled more on the organic search side of the house, but it's not something they could help you with over in the webmaster forum either.

I believe it's purely algo driven, in that the algo will pull together whatever it thinks it should display and there is no way to do a one off edit anywhere of the knowledge graph."

Then in checking out her Knowledge Graph, I just hit "feedback" below it, to see if the free form text message box would pop up giving her the opportunity to explain the issue. But instead, above is what I saw...

So Google kinda made a liar out of me and now you CAN edit the Knowledge Graph, or at least in this case. But it does not really help her with the issue because there is not a free form text option for her to explain what's missing. You can only attempt to correct what's there.

Here is the brand query that triggered it and I am using FF:

Jones AT&T Stadium Lubbock, TX

Can you guys replicate this on any listings?

What do you think? New feature that will roll out to all or just a test?

If it rolls out it will be like crowd sourcing on steroids. Don't you think more consumers and maybe competitors will be tweaking listings because it's right there?

What do you think???
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I drafted that post last night.

Just checked the thread again and forgot to add that it 'appears' this listing is unverified.

Which is really weird. Assumed if they went to the time and expense to do a Business View shoot, the listing would have been verified. Even if they had not yet, you'd think that would be part of what the Trusted Photographer would do???

There are a ton of images but in checking more closely they are all Google images, not from the owner.

So it's possible the edit features right in the Knowledge Graph are because the listing is not claimed and if it were, maybe "Feedback" would lead to the report a problem interface instead?
Hi Linda, very cool. I remember seeing the edit options on a traditional KG, but can't recall if I saw this on a Local KG. I'll poke around.
It's been in place for awhile - a month or two. I've used it to report inaccurate KG info for a client with a verified listing -- to no avail I might add.

You should be able to get to the listing with a search for Haywood Park Hotel Asheville NC. I've circled the errors in the screenshot below (wrong name and description); everything else in the KG is correct.

I've been on the phone with Google thru 3 levels of support and they say it's algorithmic and out of their control. I have even gone in and edited the Wikipedia page for the other building to give it a more complete address, which should make it clear that we're talking about structures a couple of blocks away from each other. Sigh...


Thanks Rich for that example which confirms what I thought but had not yet expressed.

Typically when Google offers a feedback option, it's not like report a problem where it's designed to correct data on a specific listing.

It's feedback they use in aggregate to help train the algo in general.

Sorry your efforts have been futile thus far, but thanks for sharing!

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