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Jul 15, 2020
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An address change was made to one of our listings and had to go through verification again. I requested a postcard be sent and on Thursday, 3/31/2022, I entered the pin from the postcard verification and the listing was confirmed verified. The next morning, Friday, 4/1/2022, there was a suggested edit to change the address back to the previous location. I declined the change, but the listing was no longer verified. I've reached out to support and they're insisting on going through verification again. Other important notes here:

* I work for an agency, so this is not my own business listing. It's one of our clients.
* This listing was originally set up a couple years ago and verified. The address changed in March 2022, which is why we just went through postal verification. That initial address that was used when the listing was created is what it wanted to revert to, causing it to fall out of verification in less than 24 hours after we entered the pin.
* Follow-up question to this, if we do go through verification again, would we find ourselves in the same position of the address trying to revert back and falling unverified? What else can we do to get out of this back and forth scenario?

The case ID from emails with Google support is 0-075200003259. Please let me know if there are any other options to get this listing reverified without the typical verification steps, and what we can do to avoid this happening again. Thank you in advance.
If support is suggesting to go through verification again then that's what I would do. If it happens again I would circle back to support and let them know. If support becomes unhelpful then I would create a post at the Google business profile forum.

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