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Jun 28, 2012
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This is post #3 to start sharing here some of the more interesting or complicated support threads I work on over at the Google forum.

The last one I just shared was a case of reviews that looked missing to the user, but the reviews were live on another page. The problem was a weird split page issue.

This one is interesting and almost the opposite problem. He complains because his reviews are gone. But see what I discovered... It's more of a weird merge/dupe problem.

<a href="!profile/business/APn2wQc9bXj9VwBO8YwHsBO56nuli5CP-wKblAlPyFC0-BqeX3NXG3P5C1vsV9DOE7darPnstwYG/business/44LHgz7gTDM/lCjvPS7VBa8J">Why are my Reviews not showing in SERP 7 Pack? - Google Product Forums</a>

I have 3 reviews and they are showing on the profile page but not in the SERP.
I thought maybe because there was not enough reviews, but there were other businesses with less reviews that were listed, so that was not the issue.

Anyone know how I can correct this and get the reviews to show up in my listing in the SERP?

Note: Click above to see screenshot

My reply:

Hi Craig,

I have not seen a merged listing for a long time. But I think that's your problem. Let me see if I can illustrate.

It's a violation to have 2 claimed listings for the same location. Do you have both of these claimed in your dashboard? states/s/(916) 293-0512

Kaizen Way has 3 reviews. Onpoint has zero reviews.

But I think the 2 are merged so the data including the reviews flip flops back and forth.

How can I tell they are merged? On that display at the link above they look like 2 different listings, different names, pics and reviews.

Click either one and they both go to the same listing.

From there it gets a little convoluted with changing name and inconsistent branding. But head over to the link above if you want to read the rest.
These first 3 are certainly interesting. Thanks for sharing Linda.
Linda, love these case studies because they represent real world issues that are out there. Thanks for sharing.

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