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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi i'm looking at advice on how to remove or change a particular image Google is displaying in the search results.

Audi Parametta.jpg

From the first look of it, i assumed the image would be related and be on the dealers Google+ Local Page:

But there are no photos.

The image seems to be coming from the website. Is there a way to stop Google from displaying this image or making them display a totally different image.

Any ideas would be very helpful!

Audi Parametta.jpg
Very odd! That image SHOULD be coming from the G+ L page because and everything else in that right panel looks like Places data.

If Google is merging it from the site at search time then the problem is more on the organic search side and it's done by the algo and problems like that are really hard to get fixed.

Only thing I can think of, is find that image and see if the image name or image alt has the business name in it or something else that would make the algo think that's the most important image on the site.

OR post at the Google webmaster forum BUT since it appears it's coming from G+ L they may tell you to post in the Places forum but anyone sharp there will tell you this is on the organic side of the house. Also since it's not offensive or anything it may be hard to get anyone at Google to really do anything.
Yes, that is the Google Knowledge Graph. You can also click on the Feedback button below the image and ask about the image. If the image is coming from a website you control I would try the method Linda explained about re-naming the image. If the image is coming from a third party website you can report it in the forum and actually get help.

Here is a tread on the image being an old logo and they managed to get it changed. They reported it using the feedback button but also reported it in the forum so the item was escalated.

Here is a link to the forum discussing the wrong image:Google Groups
If you have claimed that Google+ Local page and you add photos to that page, it should override that photo and display images for the G+ Local page instead.

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