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Sep 23, 2021
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  • I've hidden my address on my GMB profile.
  • When I search for a business type on google maps, I find my company. As expected, there is no pin on the map because of the hidden address.
    What concerns me is that the icon for directions is showing beside my listing. When I click on directions, a page loads showing coordinates in the destination box (not an address, just coordinates which match to a municipal recreation center in a nearby municipality). If I enter my present location to find directions, the message "Google maps can't find" appears.
  • When I search for the business type with a regular google search, I find my company again in about 10th place in the local results and with no location and no directions icon.
  1. How did the location appear on the map search? I never intentionally entered it on my GMB page or anywhere else.
  2. Should I somehow delete it from the maps and how would I do this since I thought that information came from my GMB profile? Is there a downside to removing it from the map?

I certainly don't want anyone to try to find directions to my non-existent/hidden location only to get the message that Google can't find it. It would give the impression of a very unprofessional business. I don't even want the directions icon to appear, just as it is not appearing in the local results.

Any advice you can give on this is greatly appreciated!

Hi again,
I guess, thinking a bit more about this, it makes a bit obvious sense to have directions on a map page. But maps also provide information about areas, not only directions. They can show you how to drive from Washington State to California, but they also show the areas covered by the states, what counties are in the states and so on.

So how is this for an idea, Google. Since clicking "Directions" on a SAB which is NOT hiding its address shows a map on how to drive to the non-existent office, maybe clicking on a SAB which DOES follow the rules and hides the address should direct to the SAB page which shows the Service Area map for the business.

I don't expect Google to ever do this or anything like it, but maybe someday they will find a way to level the playing field so SAB's that don't follow the GMB guidelines aren't at a disadvantage to those SAB's that do.

Gee, I really didn't answer my questions here, did I :) Thanks for reading.
Should say " SAB's that don't follow the GMB guidelines don't have an advantage over those SAB's that do."

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