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Mar 27, 2019
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I came across something I don't remember seeing before.
This is how the restaurant shows up in "list view" in Google Maps (Android):


This is how the source shows up inside the GBP:

This is the GBP: 9 Reinas · C/ de València, 267, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
This is the article: Exclusive Local's Guide to the Best Restaurants in Barcelona! - Adkaizen

Out of hundreds if not thousands of recommendation lists around the web, this website got featured on Google Maps.
As far as I know they're not a specially reputable source, just an advertising agency that created a list on their website.
So what are they doing different? How did they get featured on Google Maps list view?

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This is a Mobile App feature. You have no control over it. I believe the lists in questions must be formatted in a specific way that calls in info from the GBP to be detected. I know I have seen an article about this on SER, but Google searching about Google for anything other than the most basic information is completely impossible, so... @rustybrick can you help?

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