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May 20, 2013
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Hi looking for help on why my listings isn't ranking properly.

I have added my question as a PDF has i don't want the content indexed or ranking on Google!

Link is: GP Issue.pdf - DocDroid

Store GP URL is:

Any recommendations on how to solve this problem would be high appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Thanks Linda!

I have set noindex to it, so hopefully it should be fine. Otherwise i can easily delete it.
My Carpal is just killing me today and I already spent a bunch of time on this last night and could not get anywhere. It's sometimes hard to search on Google in another country.

To save my carpal from digging and doing all the research over again, could you just like to a search result on G.maps.AU that that shows all your listings in that ares for me. Just a broad search for company name so I can easily get to all the listings?
Thanks Laura I did investigate quite a bit but didn't find anything and am in too much pain to type.
It does not really make sense to me.
Hey Linda,

Thanks for investigating.

So your also not sure why the store isn't ranking and would you have suggestions on where I could go to find a answer?

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