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Here's another like the one above.

Both of those have multiple violations.

And not only should they have address hidden since they are at homes, but they should not even exist. You are not supposed to set up multiple listings for a service area business. Just one. You can't just keep setting them up at employees homes, if that's what's happening here.

And if that one is really in Santa Ana as the address shows, why would you keep saying over and over, "Plumber in Los Angeles", "Best Plumbing in Los Angeles"? Why go to the trouble of setting up a listing in Santa Ana, and then try to get it to rank for LA which it won't?

Oh and here's another. All the same violations and trying to rank for LA when it's at a house in Burbank.
Many thanks to people above, #localsearchforum rocks, i have 3 questions and would appreciate answer on it

1- for cleaning duplicates, shall i go with YEXT? is there any option, something fast, i never used SEO moz local, but not sure it will do a better job than yext! or i have to go manually and remove all from directories,

2- Can i use a toll free number on the pages? or it has to be local?

3- what is the best way to implement schema beside the website suggested in the forum, that is not a complete one and should i implement on each page or just home page?
Hey Mike

In another thread you said:

I honestly am surprised, how come after all these updates, Panda Penguin and pigeon still the search gets spammed.I looked at phone number there is no other directory, i also found another website Plumbers Central Los Angeles, Los Angeles Plumber, Plumbing repairs is using keyword stuffing and spamming all over page. what about that?

Your listings are totally spammy too. I'd get them fixed before anything. Those spammy names, can't believe those listings are still live with multiple violations like that.

You can't have a name like "Mr Speedy Plumbing Los Angeles call (818)-602-4080 Plumber Los Angeles" on G+ Local. Someone could report and get them taken down, then you'd have nothing. So fixing those like I recommended back in Dec would be my 1st step.
1 - Yext does make it very easy. There's even a URL submit feature so you can be 100% sure you're suppressing the correct listings (and all of them). The only draw back is if you ever stop paying Yext a large number of those suppressed listings WILL return.

2 - Some citations won't accept 800 numbers (I believe Yelp is one of them).

3 - I'm a big proponent of utilizing OG data. It gives context to the website (can label it a business with the og:type including long+lat) and you can use it to control social rendering. The Open Graph protocol

Good luck mate.
Linda thanks , unfortunately those listings are not done by me, I have huge problems fixing and removing them and it takes time.

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