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Mar 29, 2022
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We have a Massage therapist amongst our and she chose to name her GBP and operate under the French equivalent of "First-name Last-name Massage Therapy". This is unremarkable in and of itself. She has been plagued with clients calling about happy endings. This sometimes happen to normal massage therapists, but the amount she gets is well above what,s considered nortmal. Our client does not operate in the erotic massage vertical whatsoever. Yes the best keywords look like this:

What's the problem? The only thing we've been able to sus out is that the client's given and last names name happens to also be the same as those of a female porn star, and Google is making some creative associations along the way in order to answer the query. At this point we're really about to recommend a business name change.

The problem is that we know that Google remember the old name for some time, and the business could still be found with that name. Nowwould this also affect a secondary keyword like "erotic massage" that is indirectly associated with (part of) the business name?
Yes. I just want to be able to tell the client that this will at least significantly reduce the problem and that Google remembering the old name will not make it persist.

What of that?

This is pretty common in this field. They will ask about it when they go in, too.

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