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May 26, 2020
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I have a client who is a pharmaceutical training company. Their sole purpose is to train in the life sciences field but the person who set up the listing made "pharmaceutical company" the primary category. I would like to change it to education center or training center but if I do that will it trigger reverification? They are doing well for their focus keywords.

I appreciate any insight!
@ABran I don't have a definitive answer but can share that I recently changed the primary category for one of my clients without trigger re-verification.

I suspect that a change involving more spam-sensitive categories (e.g. locksmith, garage door) might be different.
@ABran - In my experience, I've never had a problem changing categories. I'd make sure you've got good conversion tracking in place (conversions, not ranking), make the change and measure the results to see if there is any improvement.
Hi! I'm trying to understand this behaviour too. In my company, we experimented this with a couple of clients changing the primary category to a "totally" different one, that triggered the manual re-verification

However, changing the primary category in other different verticals didn't trigger the re-verification.

At the moment of writing this comment I still investigating if there is a pattern.

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