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Oct 1, 2013
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The google login page changed for me about a week ago and now displays all the accounts I have used from clients to login. At some point I am concerned that my IP address will get flagged by google and I won't be able to login to their accounts to check analytics, upload to youtube etc. I am lost as to best practice for this, what if I need to login to over 10 or more google accounts a week? Anyone have some advice or experience to share?
Hi iwebresults,,

Sorry saw you ask this earlier but I think it didn't get answered because it was buried in another thread. I didn't answer because I don't know. Since I don't manage clients any more I have not experienced it.

Hopefully some of our members will weigh in now that you started a new thread. But it's quiet here on weekends. If you don't get a reply by Monday, please bump it by asking again where more will see it. I'm going to change your title to be more descriptive to try to help you get some feedback.
You shouldn't run into any problems. We manage a ton of G+ Local accounts for clients in different states, provinces, and countries. If Google is ever suspicious of the login attempt they usually will ask to verify a phone number or the city that usually signs into the account. But we have never experienced a situation where we were locked out from the account completely.

Google doesn't currently design Google Places to necessarily be SEO company friendly, but they know that it's a big part of how businesses choose to manage their product.
Thanks! Because I did not write down all the recovery emails/phone numbers for my clients accounts, I'm pretty sure some of them would be old anyway.
Thank you for that link! I use form filler on firefox but it would not fill in the google email just the password, and I have 6 logins now, I just scroll down the page, the last one I used did not stay visible on the page like the others. But will be switching over to chrome now, tks again!

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