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Apr 25, 2013
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Does anyone else here use Yahoo's free Local Listings? If so, I was hoping someone could confirm a pretty big problem I'm having.

So basically when I log into any of the Yahoo accounts I've created using a Google logins, there is no listing there, at all, even for listings that were already verified/active.

I've done some looking around Yahoo's customer support, and I haven't even been able to find anything about their Local Listings, so no luck there.

Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
One of my clients has a fee local listing. I can see it in their account that we use Google to login with. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the response, was the account made in the last month or so? We had to start using Google logins just recently because of the required mobile phone number for a regular account.

Turns out even listings that I created yesterday have now disappeared...

I was finally able to find a Local Listing customer support form, so hopefully they get back soon!

Aaand the listings are magically back, no reply from customer service yet.

Such a relief!
This has been happening to many of my clients. I've found waiting two days tends to clear things up.

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