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Jul 19, 2012
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Has anyone attempted to verify a Yahoo local listing with the postcard option lately?

I have sent verification postcards to several of my clients business addresses and not one has been received. :(

Have you experienced the same thing?
Side question: Does anyone still work at Yahoo?
Yahoo! is a ghost town for sure. I attempted the postcard verification a few months ago and the card never came. What's odd is that their customer support is still very responsive. I had a couple duplicates I needed deleted and they took care of them within a few days (at least responded that they would be deleting them - the actual deletion wasn't done in a few days).

Travis Van Slooten
I have a couple clients who have gotten their Yahoo postcards in the last month, but it is taking multiple attempts to get it sent.

If it doesn't arrive in a couple weeks, then log back in and ask them to resend. It finally seems to get mailed after the 1st or 2nd resend request.
Good to know it's not just me. Attempting to re-send a bunch of them. I'll let you know how it goes.
Hey guys,

I know that's an old thread, but do you happen to have imagery of Yahoo's verification postcard?
Not at the moment, but I'll have my hands on a postcard soon - which I'll post unless someone else posts one first!
These are a little old (couple of months), but I think these are the same ones currently being sent out. Pretty ghetto if you ask me, lol

yahoo postcard 1 - edited.jpg

Yahoo postcard 2- edited.jpg

Let me know if they're sending new ones out these days

yahoo postcard 1 - edited.jpg

Yahoo postcard 2- edited.jpg
That's just what I got on hand. Not sure if they updated their printing or whatever in the last couple of months but... yeah, there's something to start with lol

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