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Thanks Ajay.

It looks like that post was from over 3 years ago though. Did you by chance link to the wrong post?
Here is a new post and maybe the one Ajay meant to link to.

<a href="">Yelp Official Blog: Yelp Consumer Alerts: We Take the Guesswork out of Online Reviews</a>

Interesting how they call out and link to the Atty and others right in the post.
Wow, thanks Ajay and Linda. Agreed. I understand the need for and value of the consumer alerts program, but the public shaming in that blog post is a little obnoxious IMHO. "We caught them in the act!"

Thanks, Yelp, for being such a thoughtful and even-handed instrument of justice. [/sarcasm]
Ooops! I think, I might have added the wrong post there.

Thanks, Linda! That is exactly the link I was going to put here but mistakenly quoted the wrong one.

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