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Aug 22, 2023
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I'm a residential mortgage loan officer and it's hard to compete on a national level with all the major national players like Rocket Mortgage and lead aggregator companies that run PPC ads, so I'm currently not interested in standard Google PPC ads. I feel that I have a better chance on a local level and my Google Business profile has 104 reviews, is verified, fully optimized and has a local physical location pin. I'm sure I'll hear dissenting opinions that I can compete, at least on a local level, with standard PPC ads but I want to start somewhere. In the future I may revisit standard PPC.

So I'm interested in running Google Ads that only show in the 3 Pack / Maps via the location association asset. In other words my Google business profile shows at the top of the 3 pack. I already am in the top spot in roughly a 2 mile radius from my physical location but that doesn't bring in enough business, so I'd target locations in 2 - 20 mile radius from my physical location. I know the further I go out, even with a substantial ad budget, my physical proximity to the searcher will diminish the ability for my ad to show the farther they are from me. I'm thinking 20 miles it about the furthest out I have a chance of showing.

I did also look into Google Local Services / Google Guaranteed Ads but these are not available in the mortgage space unfortunately. Maybe in the future Google will add this vertical which would be great.

Is there any official way to only run ads in the 3-Pack / Maps? From my research it sounds like this isn't possible in any official capacity.

Not to game the same system so to speak, but rather achieve my intended goal, is there an alternative method to achieve this? My thought would be to write just one, intentionally poor, non-relevant standard PPC ad that gets a low quality score but still gets approved by Google. I feel like if I do this then this ad will rarely if ever get served up in the standard PPC search results and if it does it will rarely get clicked on. But hopefully that shouldn't affect my ability to show in the 3 - Pack / maps since I would imagine that the algorithm that determines whether or not I show there shouldn't have anything to do with the quality of my standard PPC ad since it's just based on my keywords and my Google Business profile as it relates to the searcher.

I wouldn't expect that single low-quality ad tactic to be effective in delivering leads, or solely location asset/ad clicks. We don't determine when the location asset actually shows - Google does - so you're correct in saying there's no official way to only run ads in the 3-Pack / Maps.

I think the algorithm that determines whether or not your ad shows there has everything to do with the quality (ad rank) of your standard PPC ad - in as much as you can control.
My understanding is that you cannot exclusively select that particular ad placement.

You show that ad by turning on Location Extensions within the broader context of a regular Google Ads Text/Search Ad Campaign and then Google's algo makes the determination of when/where/who gets shown in that Map Pack ad.
I think if you open a door for Google ads to take money from you they will place your ad no matter the quality but that's a general statement.
I have no clue what I'm talking about.

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