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Jul 18, 2012
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Yesterday I attempted to claim a client's Yelp listing. I clicked the "call me now" button, and the client waited and waited, but they didn't receive an automated call from Yelp.

Has anyone else had any issues w/ claim Yelp listings lately? The phone number listed is correct, and the client answers every call (doesn't roll into an answering service).

In the 4 years I've been claiming listings for clients, I've never encountered an instance where Yelp's automated verification call didn't happen immediately.
Agree with Justin. I have never had a problem when verifying. Hopefully, it's just temporary, but keep us updated.
YES! I'm having two issues with Yelp calls over the last week.

1. Every 5th or so PIN doesn't work. I try multiple times and it doesn't go thru.

2. I click the send a call button, and the client doesn't get a call. This issue started for Me on monday of this week (5/19/14).

Not sure what the issue is. . .
I just tried one a few hours ago, and the "calling now" page just stayed there and nothing happened for well over 30 minutes. It just said "calling now".

Must be a glitch of some sort in their system?
Same here. Called 2 locations yesterday to claim listing and Yelp never called.
I've ran into the same issue in the past with a Canadian restaurant client. What worked for me was I tried again in a day or two. Hope this helps. Keep us updated!
I've been encountering a lot of technical issues with the Yelp verifications lately. Sometimes, the calls never arrive. Other times, the calls go through...but then the call terminates immediately afterwards before the business can even enter the PIN code. It's quite frustrating to say the least.

My solution is to just reschedule and try again at a different time. It seems like a technical glitch that occasionally occurs.
It's "funny" though that the Yelp Sales Reps call 4 times a day for advertising, even though we can't even get their listing to go live.
Yup, that sounds about right! I wish the Yelp support centre is as persistent with their phone calls as their sales reps. :p
My calls are going thru as of today - 5/27. . . but, still issues with them actually receiving the pin correctly. Lots of failed pins.
Thanks for the heads-up! I tried a verification call today after reading the responses here, and it worked for me too! No trouble with the PINs or the loading screen like before. :)

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