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Sep 22, 2017
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I am happy with Yext but I read somewhere that if I ever quit services, I will lose my listings. I also read there is a service where you do not lose your listings if you quit.
Was I just fantasizing or was this something I really read?
Yext is very different compared to something like whitespark or brightlocal, which are manual submission services. Yext has a direct connection with the 60+ sites in their network, which allows you to lock the info and control it (even add additional info) if you are still paying for the service.

It's not like you'll completely lose the listings if you cancel Yext; you just won't be able to lock the information, so it could change.

If you want to keep the correct information locked down, or change something an have it immediately sync across all sites, then Yext is a good option. If you don't want to pay the ongoing fee... which is a little high for some companies, then manual submission services could be good.

I actually supplement Yext with Brightlocal. Yext doesn't cover the aggregation services like neustar or infogroup. Brightlocal's team does submit to those. There were a lot of cases where I requested Brightlocal to submit to a specific site, and for whatever reason they couldn't so they replaced with a different site. With Yext I know exactly what sites I'll have the profile on, and know I can change something at any time.

It's really a preference thing - control & time vs money. I recommend testing out all the major services. It's the only sure fire way to know what is best for your company.

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