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Jul 23, 2012
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Good Morning to all the super folks here!

I would appreciate any feedback on this. What tools or products do you currently use to be alerted to Local SEO news showing up on various sites around the web on a regular basis? What is your choice for this type of functionality and what do you like about the tool you're using for this?

I need to get something like this set up and figured some of you smarties would have good suggestions:) Thank you for taking the time to read and reply!
Hi Miriam,

Great question and I look forward to everyone's answers.

I use a few things to keep up to date:

1. I subscribe to this section of this community- Google Local IMPORTANT
2. I add all my fave blogs to Feedly
3. I turn-on alerts from the new Local Search Pros Google+ Community

Between those three tactics I never miss anything.
I ditto Colan's answer! :)

Here is how to subscribe to the IMPORTANT FORUM here, which only covers Google updates, new features and bugs. So you won't get bugged with other posts in your inbox. Of course I think you should subscribe to the whole forum because so much good info gets posted here. But just saying at the very least, need that Important forum.

I don't think you've joined our Local Search Pros G+ Community yet. Like Colan said that's another important place for news. Here's the invite in case you missed it.

And as far as Feedly goes... I have hundreds of blogs I subscribe to, but of course you know the most important are ones like Mike, Phil, Andrew, etc.

Then I also have a G+ circle I set up that has all the pros in it and I scan that daily as well.

And then I also have a Twitter group I set up.

So for me there is no single tool that will give me all the news I need. I scour them all every morning.
Hey Linda and Colin!
I really appreciate the considered and helpful feedback. Nice to see you guys, too:)

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